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I have the overall quality of good, can be hard-working, good character, adhere to the principles of integrity, honesty, diligence and pragmatism, the courage to challenge这次t7t8美文号为您整理了10篇《英文简历自我评价》,如果能帮助到亲,我们的一切努力都是值得的。

英文简历中自我评价 篇一

My name is x,I'm xyears old. Now let tell you about my family.There arefour members in my family; my parents, my cute cat of years old andme. Myfather is a technician in the xx TV station. He often goes out on business. Somost of the housework is done by my industrious mom. Climbing at weekends is ourcommon interest. The fresh air and natural beauty can help us get rid oftiredness. They can strengthen our relation, too.During my prepareing for cominghere,my parents’ love and support have always been my power.and I hope in futureI wil be able to repay them.Then that is my family,do you like it ?

简历中的自我评价英文版 篇二

Familiar with WINDOWS operating system, skilled use of POWERPOINT, EXCEL, WORD and other office software. Mandarin standard, can talk freely in English, pronunciation clear, with a certain listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation capabilities.

English is good at listening, speaking, reading and writing, oral English has passed PETS4 (equivalent to CET-6), fluent in spoken English, able to communicate directly with customers; familiar with office software operation, typing faster; careful, responsible, Ability, like the challenge of self, break their own!

I am honest and cheerful, diligent and pragmatic, strong ability to adapt and coordination, strong sense of responsibility, love the collective, to abide by the overall situation as the most important principle, willing to obey the needs of the collective interests, with dedication.

英文简历中自我评价 篇三

Now and then corporations send out feelers for just the right type of creative

person. This person must fit very specific criteria. Usually, after all is said and done, the corporation wants a business person who can manage, create and communicate. A seasoned professional who"s been around for a while.

If you"ve been looking for this rare combination of business savvy and design expertise, my background might interest you:

Ten years of working experience. Solid background fwin the management of creative up-and-comers.

Know new technologies that show instant profit, such as CAD/CAM.

This is but a brief summary of my abilities. And there is much, much more to share.I feel I have strong marketable skills in which you would be interested. Please contact me if you would like to hear and see more.

英文简历自我评价 篇四

Life needs to own the building, not the same way, it is not the same as life. Life is no dress rehearsal, live every day! Today graduate and my lack of experience, but I will learn, work actively, loyal and responsible to do their jobs. It has a strong ability to accept and adaptability sincerely hope to get the opportunity to pick about your organization or giving interviews to further test my abilities.

英文简历自我评价 篇五

Good command of Computer skills: familiar with different versions of Windows OS and Office /yingyong/on software, able to program with C and Fortran languages, obtained some experience and understanding about other widely-used software like Autocad, Photoshop, Coreldraw and Dreamweaver.具有良好的计算机技能,熟悉各类Windows操作系统以及Office系列办公软件,可使用C语言和FORTRAN语言进行编程,对于AUTOCAD、PHOTOSHOP、 CORELDRAW 、DREAMWER也有一定的了解和使用经验。

英文简历中自我评价 篇六

I am cheerful, energetic, warm, honest, serious and responsible work, initiative, hard working. The courage to withstand the pressure and innovation. Strong organizational skills team spirit drink. It has a strong ability to adapt, disciplined, actively cooperate with the work of the network abroad, strong-willed.

Although I am a graduate, but I am young, energetic, have the ability to complete the work. Although I still lack some experience, but I will use the time to make up and sweat. Please rest assured that the leadership, I will guarantee the quality of the completion of various tasks.

英文简历自我评价 篇七

A person with ability plus flexibility should apply.


英文简历自我评价 篇八

o highly motivated, creative and versatile real estate executive with seven years of experience in property acquisition, development and construction, as well as the management of large apartment complexes. especially skilled at building effective, productive working relationships with clients and staff. excellent management, negotiation and public relations skills. seeking a challenging management position in the real estate field that offers extensive contact with the public.

o over 10 years as an organizational catalyst/training design consultant with a track record of producing extraordinary results for more than 20 national and community based organizations. a commitment to human development and community service. energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and creative skills.

o financial management executive with nearly ten years of experience in banking and international trade, finance, investments and economic policy. innovative in structuring credit enhancement for corporate and municipal financing. skilled negotiator with strong management, sales and marketing background. areas of expertise include (a bulleted list would follow this paragraph.)

o health care professional experienced in management, program development and policy making in the united states as well as in several developing countries. expertise in emergency medical services. a talent for analyzing problems, developing and simplifying procedures, and finding innovative solutions. proven ability to motivate and work effectively with persons from other cultures and all walks of life. skilled in working within a foreign environment with limited resources.

o commander - chief executive officer of the u.s. navy, atlantic fleet. expertise in all areas of management, with a proven record of unprecedented accomplishment. history of the highest naval awards and rapid promotion. proven senior-level experience in executive decision-making, policy direction, strategic business planning, congressional relations, financial and personnel management, research and development, and aerospace engineering. extensive knowledge of government military requirements in systems and equipment. committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence.

英文简历自我评价 篇九

Having played a couple important roles in the student organizations, honing the interpersonal communication skills and organizational capability.曾担任学校社团职务,培养了良好的人际交往技巧与组织能力。

英文简历中自我评价 篇十

Mature,dynamic and llent ability of systematical ity to work independent1y,mature and resourcefu1.A person with ability plus flexibility should app1y.

A stable personality and high sense of responsibility are well with a multi-cultural and diverse work ht,aggressive tious attitude iative,independent and good communication ing to work under pressure with leardership ing to assume re,self-motivated and strong interpersonal getic,fashion-minded a pleasant mature ng determination to ng leadership ity to work well with ability to initiate and operate ng leadership skill while possessing a great team highly organized and ing to learn and presentation tive active mind ity to deal with personnel at all levels positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without g,bright,energetic with strong career-ambition.